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Are you working in the fitness industry and looking for extra income?

Being a Personal Trainer, gym owner or physical therapist, can be challenging and competitive, therefore it is important to increase your revenue, with several means.

We offer professionals in the Health & Fitness industry, special bulk & shipping discounts.

NOW! FREE SET with special

Personal In-Home Trainer rates

Train and offer your customers the Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands in person.

Be able to earn profits up to 20% with each sale.

We offer discounted personal-trainer friendly,

small quantity rates with the option to offer your service through our network for free.

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"I recovered from a surgery on my MCL  and my physician recommended me some exercises. I bought the bands during my vacation in the states, shipping was quick. I like the convenience of the bags and the natural Latex, not some cheap smelly plastic. Great product"

Simon L., Mannheim, Germany

"I ordered the Martial Paradise long range bands to help me with exercises for my strength & conditioning and flexibility.

I do Jiu-Jitsu and I have seen some workouts online, the extra resistance with certain moves are definitely noticable. i like the quality and good job with the videos"

Mahmoud J., Oak Creek, WI

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