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All of us have been englufed in passion for the Martial Arts, as well as striving to be a great and positive influence on the youth. On this page you'll get to learn more about those of us behind the scenes working everyday to bring more strength and solitude to not only young athletes, but anyone who aspires to live a life more align with their bodies, minds, and relationships with the world.


Raina: Assistant Content Creator and Martial Paradise Student

Primary Martial Art: BJJ

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Coach Mat: Founder and Coach

Primary Martial Art: BJJ

I am a Fitness instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and MMA Fitness coach at Nova Gyms and Founder of Martial Paradise.

The interest for my overall physical attributes started in a young age of 12 after starting Taekwondo, which transitioned to MMA a couple years later. As well as playing soccer and handball for state-league teams in Germany.

After graduating, I started to travel around the world and gain practical experience.

Having spent 10 years in places like Canada, Netherlands, Dubai, Singapore, USA,... I was able to learn different workout routines, training exercises and train with different coaches and athletes.

Coaching and sharing my knowledge about fitness, workout routines and a healthy lifestyle in general, is my true passion and I would like to help you with your goal.

My workout emphasis is in a balanced distribution of agility, power, strength, balance and flexibility for maximum performance.

​Traveling around the world, I developed specialized training with Martial Paradise's Short-Range Bands and Long-Range Bands, to stay in shape and improve my fitness, skill level and movements, whether I am at home, in a hotel or on the road.

I absolutely love what I do and aim to bring the world everything that Martial Paradise can offer.


Instagram - @coachmatthew

Personal Training -

Coach Mat


Koda: Assistant Manager and Media Manager

Primary Martial Art: Muay Thai

Since I was a toddler, I was obsessed with the extent of human strength. I found myself in my first Muay Thai class at age 12 that was heavily taught with the original Muay Boran technique. It made me feel truly alive for the first time in a long time. I didn't get to stay more than two months under instruction because I moved often as a kid, yet my interest and passion for martial arts had been sparked. That same year I joined the football team in my middle school as the only female. I was a starting tackle and 2nd string guard. I continued my athletic career in football into highschool successfully. Due to constantly moving around, I never got the opportunity to join and commit to a gym, so I made it part of my life to always meet other MMA Athletes and to train with them. This served me well once life settled down more for me at age 22. This year I joined the gym Pura Vida, in Milwaukee, WI. I plan to continue my Muay Thai training to it's full extent when I return to Oregon again this summer, moving up in class and fighting competitively. Martial Arts was my 2nd passion, but teaching and working with children is my first, much like Coach Mat. Martial Paradise has been an awesome addition to my life and I'm stoked to see it go majorly international to really build strong and confident humans to support this world that truly would benefit from them.


Instagram -

Athletic Page @berserker.3

 Founder of  @mkmossproductions

Malia Koda

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