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Our mission at Martial Paradise is to educate and promote Jiu-Jitsu to its positive effect on our communities and individuals.

We actively share our profit through sponsorships to young athletes,

such as donations to students and non-profit martial art gyms.

Read Raina's

Life of a Jiu-Jitsu competing teenage girl

'Don't judge the book by its cover' is what they say and in Raina's circumstances, it is definitely the case. 

A 13-year old teenage girl with her 6-year old sister, who ends up becoming the official world champion, is going through a journey of competing around the nation and doing homework at midnight to keep good grades.

Read more about Raina's journey and how she manages to keep her balance in life.

Workouts for kids

Rian from Ireland

A special MMA/BJJ workout with functional solo drills for kids and teenagers.

Rian's coaching team helped with the design of the workout instructional.

This instructional is sponsored by Martial Paradise, every purchase helps us support more kids in martial arts.

The Roche sisters

A special BJJ workout with the use of Resistance Bands.

With the help of the sister's coach, this instructional contains many functional workouts, that help improving movements in Jiu-Jitsu.


Meet the Athletes

Read the stories of  our competing kid's sponsored by Martial Paradise and find out,
what motivates them.


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