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"We aim to bring community together through a safe, world-class training environment for young athletes.

We are dedicated to strengthening the youth with physical and mental practices to enhance their lives.

Our goal is to help them succeed in not only their athletic careers, but as well as in their hearts, so that they may feel confidence in the world as they grow in to it. "



Mathew Myga 

CEO of Martial Paradise

Resistance Bands workouts


Age 6


Libby was inspired by her Father doing BJJ and when her family moved, her father enrolled Libby into Nova Pewaukee. She was excited to meet new friends since we just moved to the area and did not know anyone yet (we moved during the summer). 


Since starting BJJ, Libby met her BFF Lorelei, she is learning to be tough, and she’s learning to do something that is challenging, which she enjoys. 


Libby aspires long-term to be a Singer and Scientist. 



Age 7

Caleb began BJJ in November of 2018. He started out watching mma and pro wrestling with his father and fell in love with both. As soon as he was capable, he was asking when he could be a MMA fighter AND pro wrestler. Two months after his 6th birthday, he was enrolled in his first class, and also met Coach Chris and Coach Mathew.

Caleb is naturally a high energy kid always looking for a reason to go full speed. With Jiu-Jitsu, he has learned to calm his mind more, to learn techniques and execute them. The most interesting and noticeable example of this is the amount of focus and calmness he exhibits before competition. This is calmest you will ever see this little dynamo.
Caleb’s aspirations for BJJ, pro wrestling, and MMA are all the same. To make a living at them, and to be a world champion. He plans on moving to Florida some day and training at Atos BJJ and the WWE Performance Center to chase his dream.



 Age 10

   Before BJJ, I attempted to practice Tae Kwon Do. I did not enjoy that at all.  I was at a store with my Dad and ran into his old high school Football/Wrestling coach.  He convinced me to come give BJJ a try. I have fallen in love with it ever since.  I became involved in Martial Paradise after Coach Mat came to teach at our gym.  I found myself begging to go to every class that he taught, and always gave 100% to everything he asked me to do.  He must have seen something special in me to ask me to be part of his business.


    Jui-Jitsu has improved my techniques for both wrestling and football by teaching me better balance, flexibility, and most importantly mental toughness.  It has helped greatly with my confidence and calmness.  I feel very at "home" on the mat.


    My goal is to place at BJJ World's or PanAm Games ( placing first at both would be the ultimate goal).  I would like to achieve my black belt before I graduate from college, I would like to study to become a Mechanical Engineer.  I feel that the concentration, hard work and dedication that BJJ has taught me will help me become a fierce competitor in every aspect of my life.



Age 12

        I received my 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was looking for a martial art that was more physical.  My little brother was already involved in BJJ, and I always loved watching his practices and tournaments.


    I feel that BJJ has better prepared me to be able to defend myself than Tae Kwon Do ever did.  It has made me mentally and physically stronger.  I look forward to every class and run moves and drills with my brother outside of the gym.  It's great to have a built in partner!!

    Short term, I'm looking forward to competing in my first tournament, and hopefully in BJJ Worlds.  Long term, I'd like to become a doctor.  I feel like BJJ can keep me mentally tough to accomplish all of my goals.



Age 15

       Rian Dunne-Leavy is the first international kid who got sponsored by Martial Paradise. 

'The Irish kid' is a highly motivated kid passionate about Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. 


"My goal is to become the world champion in the UFC" and for that goal, he is working on a daily basis, by training at his local martial art school or strength training from home.

Rian is also a passionate creator and he constantly shares his workout routines and 

talks about his experience on his own podcast.

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