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Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands

Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands

$35.90 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

Get your Full body workout with the Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands, out of 100% Natural Premium Latex and stowage bags for easy transportation.


The Short-Range Bands include 4x individually sealed Loop Bands in different strengths and come with a stowage bag.


The Long-Range Bands include 2x individually sealed  Power Bands:

The red band resists ( 15-30lbs ) // black band ( up to 70lbs) .


You will also receive a leather stowage bag. 


All our  bands are designed in an intuitive colour system.

The red colour is for light - medium resistance , the black bands are for maximum resistance.


*Free shipping within the US except Alaska & Hawaii


We share our profit with the BJJ4Peace campaign sponsoring kids and gyms in our commiunities to fight bullying in our communities.

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