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Affiliate Package 5x Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands

Affiliate Package 5x Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands

$194.50 Regular Price
$165.33Sale Price

5x Short-Range Bands MSRP: $14.95 each/ total $74.75- 

Your Rate $12.71 each/ total: $63.55 

5x Long-Range Bands MSRP:$23.95 each/ total $119.75-

Your Rate $20.36 each/ total: $101.80


Total MSRP $194.50- Your Rate $165.35  - Your profit $29.15


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Personal in-home trainers, chiropractors, gym owners, yoga studios or Physical therapists. 

The professional Short & Long-Range Resistance bands find many applications, due to their universal use for workouts and recovery, throughout the fitness & health industry.

Be able to help your clients and earn multiple benefits such as:

  • Access to special quantity & shipping prices. 

  • Amazon influencer program, we help you create unique product links, to track your online profits. 

  • Free promotion of your service, throughout Martial Paradise sources, such as our homepage and social media *(conditions apply ).

  • Stay flexible and independent, we promote your services and help you connect with customers in your area. 

  • Priority support - We help you with any questions regarding your earnings, orders, sale tips etc.

  • General maintenance

    The use of Short & Long-Range Resistance Bands are only to be used in correct manner.

    Martial Paradise is not responsible for any injury, death or damage of valuables or property.

    The buyer is responsible for proper use of the Resistance Bands.

    Do no leave infant and small children unattended with Resistance Bands to avoid injuries and serious risks.

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