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Final Preparation

This week we watched over some of my previous tournament matches to figure out what my game plan is for the tournament this Saturday. We looked over what I've been caught with in the past and what I need to improve on before Saturday.

One of the things we looked over and drilled was half guard transitions. In one of my previous posts, I talked about how much I love the build up to the tournament and the preparation. This is it! Figuring out what my game is and working it out with training partners for the next few days up until the competition. We are looking over what my flaws are and fixing them, as much as we can. We worked on a few different ways to get to butterfly guard from standing and some defense as well. The stand up portion is something that I really need to work on and this preparation helps me quite a bit.

My favorite part of Jiu Jitsu is learning a new submission and how it ties into the previous lessons that we learned. I am learning how to flow better and use multiple submission attempts to have better success. We have been using the grappling dummy in order to get more reps and to perfect some of the moves that we have learned. The grappling dummy is great because it allows us to get a lot of reps without causing our training partners any discomfort.

My favorite part of most days is the time I get to spend training. It has become a part of my life that I wouldn't want to ever give up. I actually started to wonder how I was going to consistently go to class when I go to college and that's not for another five years. 😂

I can't wait for Saturday and the other upcoming tournaments! I hope you enjoyed!😜


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